Dangerous Curves Ahead By Sugar Jamison Ebook Download



Sugar Jamison

Ellis Garrett is dumping her critical boyfriend, opening a plus-size clothing store, and starting a blog—all to spread the word that fashion shouldn't require a size-two body, and happiness should allow for the occasional cupcake. Or two. But is indulging fantasies about her sister's long-ago ex, the still-hunky Michael Edwards, biting off more than she can chew?

Mike must be losing his detective's touch. He doesn't recognize Ellis when he bumps into her at Size Me Up, and he certainly doesn't remember his ex-girlfriend's outspoken sister being so irresistible. Her curves are indeed dangerous—and so is her wit. Could it be that Ellis is his Perfect Fit? One thing's for sure: Mike will make it his sworn duty to find out…

Enjoy your reading all night hangover. I laughed out loud, good story as a whole.

By page nine I was laughing so hard I was crying! I was hesitant with the price of this one but it was so worth it. I'll be buying all of them now if they are all this good!!

Finally an enjoyable book I can relate to! I see a lot of myself in Ellis. Thank you so much for writing this book.

I am obsessed with the whole series and can't wait for more!!! Hurry up September!

I'm in love with this book it's funny, romantic, and sexy! A must read!

Read it !

A great read for the curvy girls!


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