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A New York Times bestseller and Oprah's Book Club Pick-the unique and deeply moving saga of four generations of African-American women whose journey from slavery to freedom begins on a Creole plantation in Louisiana.

Beginning with her great-great-great-great grandmother, a slave owned by a Creole family, Lalita Tademy chronicles four generations of strong, determined black women as they battle injustice to unite their family and forge success on their own terms. They are women whose lives begin in slavery, who weather the Civil War, and who grapple with contradictions of emancipation, Jim Crow, and the pre-Civil Rights South. As she peels back layers of racial and cultural attitudes, Tademy paints a remarkable picture of rural Louisiana and the resilient spirit of one unforgettable family.

There is Elisabeth, who bears both a proud legacy and the yoke of bondage... her youngest daughter, Suzette, who is the first to discover the promise-and heartbreak-of freedom... Suzette's strong-willed daughter Philomene, who uses a determination born of tragedy to reunite her family and gain unheard-of economic independence... and Emily, Philomene's spirited daughter, who fights to secure her children's just due and preserve their dignity and future.

Meticulously researched and beautifully written, Cane River presents a slice of American history never before seen in such piercing and personal detail.

I enjoyed reading this book because it is a great history lesson, the details and understanding of the people are so real. An entertaining and easy to read black history listen of how the strength and love of family is the cornerstone to surviving and overcoming the wrongs that were done to our people. Thank you for sharing your family history because it is all our history.

This is a must read.

I bought this work years ago and I have read it more than once. It is a wonderful story and I really appreciate it.

I cried as I read this. My father's family lived in Colfax. I have now seen it from the other side. Amazing, sad yet inspiring.

Great book,couldn't put it down. Wanted more,wished it was longer.

I read this book 5 years ago. I let my stepmother borrow it for a plane ride home back to California. She really enjoyed it, so she kept it! I am a native of Alexandria, Louisiana but living in Oklahoma. Reading this book made me appreciate home, my family history, my love for Louisiana. I bought this book for my iPad, to always have with me wherever I go in case I get home sick for Louisiana.

Wonderfully written!

As an native Louisianian, I found this to be an incredibly emotional and thought provoking read. While issues regarding race remain a part of our national dialogue, this book dealt with such highly charged topics as slavery and miscegenation with thoughtfulness, compassion and at times, humor. One could not help but take away from this book a deep appreciation for the women of our society who must endure so much to guarantee a better future for their children and their families.

A great read

Amazing! Every woman, Black/White, Christian/Muslim, or Privileged/Impoverished will walk away with an insight into the Strength that all women embody.


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