Lords of Scandal Boxed Set One By Tammy Andresen Ebook Download


When a group of debutantes accidentally stumbles into a secret gaming hell, all hell is about to break loose...

Duke of Daring

He's known as the Duke of Daring…but is he brave enough to take on one feisty spinster?

The Duke of Darlington is on a mission. He needs to protect his secret gaming hell from a group of debutantes who've stumbled upon his covert business. The problem… Miss Minerva Chase is not the average lady. From the moment his compatriots assign Daring to keep watch over the fiery redhead, she begins stirring trouble. Not only is her tongue sharper than any sword he's faced but her lips are achingly soft while she tosses barb after barb in his direction. He'd like to throttle her, or kiss her, or perhaps protect the very spirit that drives him mad.

Marquess of Malice

He's known as the Marquess of Malice…can one little lady warm his dark heart?

Malice, as his friends and fellow gaming hell owners call him, doesn't have room in his life for love. He'll take a quiet bride, make an heir, and ship her off to the country. He's picked the perfect little mouse for the job. The problem? When Malice asks her to marry him, Lady Cordelia refuses. Has she no sense? Any debutante would be happy to catch a marquess. But then again, he's broken inside. Perhaps Cordelia is the most sensible woman of them all…

Earl of Exile:

He's too dangerous and she's too haunted…

Lady Diana Chase has no intention of marrying any man, especially not the large Scot with a deep brogue and penchant for meddling in her business. And when he steps too far and puts his lips on hers…well that's perfectly dreadful. Or perfectly wonderful…she hasn't made up her mind. Perhaps Diana will need another kiss to decide…


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