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I’ve signed numerous players to my family’s agency—I assumed winning over my next client would be just as easy.

The last thing I expected was to run into the boy who took my first kiss and broke my heart: only now Drew Bowman is all grown up.

Sexy. Scandal-tainted. Second-string. The crush I never got over. 

I tell myself work is the reason I can’t get him out of my head. I tell him his talent far outweighs his position, and I know I can help. I lie and lie, because admitting that I want a second chance at my first love is impossible. 

Some lines cannot be crossed, and ours was drawn in the sand years ago.


I’m supposed to hate her. 

I’ve been told so time and again for ten years - her father ruined our family, smeared my name before my career even began.

But that’s not what I’m feeling now. 

Brexton Kincade just strode out of my memories and onto my field. 

Driven. Determined. Grown up. The Capulet to my Montague. 

Being with her would be an unforgivable sin against my father, but I can’t resist the pull between us. Even if it means hiding what we have. Even if it means confronting the secrets I’ve always feared were lies.

So it's no secret that I have found my way back to author K. Bromberg, and I am loving it. FLIRTING WITH 40 kicked things off, and I am so totally enamored of the Play Hard series that I can't say enough good things about these books. Kristy delivers the perfect blend of smart, steamy, and sweet. A smart, savvy woman who can make it on her own, a hero who brings out her softer side, and plenty of swoon, HARD TO SCORE hits all the marks and then some. Brexton and Drew make second-chance love look like the best thing ever, and I could not have enjoyed their story more. I'm telling you, if you're a romance fan, you need to be reading Kristy's books, because they satisfy at every level. There's some angst, just enough, and storylines that make me happy to be reading. Make sure these are on your night table, your e-reader, your TBR, what have you. Just dive in and enjoy. ❤️

This was sooooo good! Unexpectedly heart wrenching! Hit me all in my feels!! A sweetly hot, second chance romance done very, very well. I fell in love with Brexton. Who’s been in love with Drew since they were so young... Unexpected hardships cause their families to lose touch... until a chance meeting again. If you’re looking for a 2nd chance, football romance, superbly written with a fabulous plot this is it! Loved loved loved

Hard to Score is the third book in this series and it’s as great as the other books. The angst and the emotions got me in this one. Brexton and Drew knew each other in childhood and are now back in each other’s lives. They have that push and pull I always love and their chemistry is off the charts. But it’s not so easy for them to get together. Past issues are there. Will they let them stand in the way? Read to find out! An arc was provided for an honest review.

Wowza, I am so enjoying K. Bromberg’s fantastic Play Hard series! And, just when I thought I’d had my favorite one, here comes Hard to Score! I don’t know who I loved more—Brexton or Drew, and I truly adored their friends-to-enemies-to-second-chance-romance romance. Yes, that’s a trope. Well, in this case it is! On the one hand, there’s Brexton. Hard-hitting, smart, sexy, compassionate and devoted to her job, her players and her family. She’s driven to succeed, but she’s also wanting to find her own happily ever after, like two of her sisters. Brexton is amazing and the perfect woman for Drew. A man she’s had a crush on since she was a teenager when their fathers were the best of friends, until they weren’t. But Drew needs to get out of his own way and out of his own head. He’s been harboring some serious resentment toward Brexton’s father for years—since the demise of his own father’s career. And he needs to get over the past so it doesn’t affect his future. One that he really wants to have with Brexton. I loved every minute I spent with Drew and Brexton. They were amazing together—especially once they finally let go of what happened between their families so many years ago. I loved the family dynamics. Brexton and her sisters and their bond. And especially the relationship she had with her dad. And next up is Chase's story. And I cannot wait to see how that unfolds!

We're into book 3 now of the Play Hard series and this one centers around Brexton Kincaide. When she's directed by her dad to try and recruit a star Quarterback to sign with their agency, she runs into someone from her past. Someone she had a huge teenage crush on. Someone whose family cut all ties with hers when a scandal rocked their world. Drew Bowman is a star Quarterback in his own right, but for whatever reason he's been relegated to second string. And with that family scandal hanging over his head, he's not in any hurry to rock the boat in order to go for what he really wants. But when he runs into Brexton again after 10 years, all those dreams he's kept simmering on the back burning start really heating up. As always Kristy does a great job of rolling out a s story full of all the elements I love in a romance - emotion, angst, passion, steam, drama, secrets and lies, forgiveness and redemption. Brexton and Drew are like Romeo and Juliet, two people who are in love but can never be together because of the war between their families. But after all these years, what exactly is the truth that tore these two families apart, and more importantly, can Brexton and Drew overcome the obstacles? I really liked the way Kristy presented the underlying issue that's been plaguing these two families by giving us flashbacks to the events leading up to the implosion that tore the families apart. It was fun getting to see the teenage "dreadful Drew" and "bratty Brexton" and how the families were together before it all fell apart. I think I was just expecting the "truth" behind the fallout to be more complex than it was? I fell in love just a little more with Brexton's dad, Kenyon. Man I wish I had had a dad like him! Get ready to go on an emotional ride with Brexton and Drew!!

You know those family friends that do everything together? That was the bond the Bowmans and Kincades had. Until they didn’t. Why? Depends on who you ask. All those years ago Brexton Kincade pined after Drew Bowman. And all these years later can she fall for the backup QB? Drew Bowman is a man on a mission. He is desperate to clear the Bowman name off any leftover negativity from his father’s alleged crimes. But how can he fall for the girl whose father was blamed for it all? This story was full of heart, from the pain of their past to the hope for their futures. Drew is a man we all want in our circle. Brexton is the best friend we never knew we needed. While it is a standalone, it is the 3rd book in the Play Hard series and contains many of the common characters. The sports theme is not there to deter those unfamiliar with a sport — you don’t need to know anything about sports to follow the storyline. The underlying themes here are family, secrets & lies, and believing in yourself... plus let’s add some love and sex thrown in there to keep it steamy. I would recommend this series to anyone looking for something fun to lose themselves for a bit. I’ll admit I shed a tear or two but the majority of this book is sweet and fun. Facts.


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